What’s A B&B?

Many of the guests coming to Woodland Trails have never been to a B & B before.

Even if you have stayed at many B & B’s, Woodland Trails may be different. Here’s what to expect …

Your First Impression

“Welcoming” is the first impression many guests get as they arrive at Woodland Trails, our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Inn. Everything about the house and grounds is made to help make you feel welcome, at home and comfortable.

More personal travel experience than a hotel

Your experience at our B & B begins with innkeepers Sandra and John. One or both will greet you when you arrive. They’ll show you the Great Room, the Dining Room and the lower-level Entertainment Room, all for your use. John & Sandra have their own spaces in the house so, when you are enjoying the common areas, you will not be interrupting any family activities.

When they show you to your room, you’ll find a list of other guests in the house whom you’ll get to know and enjoy during your stay. Many new friendships have been made among people who met for the first time at our inn.

Privacy Too

For private time together, your room has a comfortable sitting area with fireplace plus a private deck or patio. DVD and CD players are there for your relaxing enjoyment. A whirlpool tub offers more relaxation.

Modern conveniences

Newly built to be a B & B, Woodland Trails has a geothermal system to keep you toasty warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer. Soundproofing insulation in floors and walls ensures privacy.

Spotlessly Clean

You will find your room outfitted with upgraded furnishings and spotlessly clean.

Complimentary Snacks and Beverages

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and biscotti are all available outside your room.

Two guest refrigerators contain complimentary soft drinks, bottled water and wine. A nearby microwave and popcorn make for an anytime snack.

Breakfast is a social event at Woodland Trails

A full, three-course breakfast is included and part of the experience of a B & B.  Our breakfasts consist of a fruit course, a main course and, something new for many guests, a dessert course.  John & Sandra serve as hosts and ensure that guests are introduced to others with common interests.  With breakfast served at 9 a.m., guests often linger, enjoying eachothers’ company, until after 11 a.m.  It is a social event!

Things To Do

For those staying for two or more nights, there is a wide range of things to do during the day such as:

  • Relaxing in the B & B, including enjoying the luxury of a nap after breakfast.
  • Enjoying a stroll around the pond or, during the summer, paddle boating or canoeing. In winter, snowshoes are available for your use.
  • Go on a GPS Adventure out on the land with a GPS receiver. (If you’ve never used a GPS, never fear – innkeeper John will lend you a unit and show you how to use it.)
  • Taking a day trip to Siren, Duluth / Superior or Hayward, Sandra’s favorite shopping town.

And – The common refrain

As you leave, you may utter the refrain we hear most often: We’ll be back! It is gratifying that nearly half of the guests at Woodland Trails have been here before, some more than dozen times!