The Owners

Your host and hostess at Woodland Trails are John & Sandra O’Reilly who will do their best to see that your stay is pleasantly memorable. Here’s their story:

John & Sandra owned and operated Plunkett’s Pest Control, a regional pest control service company based in Fridley. Their daughter, Stacy, had been off to college, graduate school and on to McKinzie and Company, a management consulting firm that works with Fortune 100 clients. Then, in 2001 at Sandra’s birthday dinner being celebrated at a Twin Cities restaurant, Stacy announced, “O.K., you two, I’m ready to run this company, now what are you going to do?”

While pondering the question, another bottle of wine was ordered and the idea of a bed and breakfast on their land in Pine County was suggested. The B&B worked out very well, giving John & Sandra something interesting to do while keeping them out of Stacy’s hair as she runs the company.

The Pleasant Surprises

After opening in 2004, John & Sandra discovered three pleasant surprises.  One is the answer to the question, “Will anyone come to our B&B?”  The answer is “Yes, they will come!”  Since opening in 2004, over 2,000 couples have been guests at Woodland Trails Bed and Breakfast. The most gratifying surprise has been that many of the 2,000 couples came  back, some as many as a dozen times!  Finally, the third surprise is that, while there was a “do not invite back” list, there is no one on it! It seems that only nice people come to B&Bs like Woodland Trails Bed and Breakfast; all the riff-raff must go elsewhere.

Next Phase, The Lodge and Cabin

The B & B was closed in March, 2020 because of Covid-19.  Then, in October, the idea was suggested to do whole-house rental with both the Cabin and the B & B, now renamed The Lodge.  The result has been amazingly popular with people continuing to enjoy the Lodge, the Cabin and the land.

John and Sandra welcome you to Woodland Trails Lodge and Cabin!