Entertainment at St. Croix Casino, Danbury

Innkeeper Sandra with Anthony Shore as Elvis and neighbor Deb Anderson

Innkeeper Sandra with Anthony Shore as Elvis and neighbor Deb Anderson

We (innkeepers Sandra and John) enjoyed a Valentine’s Day Dinner Show last night at St. Croix Casino, Danbury.   The food, a small steak with shrimp, was very good.  The show featured Anthony Shore’s 90-minute rendition of Elvis.  Shore has a good voice and seems to know every song that Elvis ever recorded.  More importantly, Shore gave the audience the impression that we has having fun and was there to entertain.  The audience loved him.

We had another good experience a few weeks ago when the Lovin’ Spoonfuls performed.  This group was popular for a short time in the 60’s with hits like “Do You Believe in Magic” and “Summer in the City”.   Like Anthony Shore, the Lovin’ Spoonfuls gave the impression they were there to entertain and the audience responded enthusiastically.

Besides occasional shows like these held in their Convention Center, St. Croix Casino has entertainment weekly in their West Winds Lounge.

As you plan your next stay at Woodland Trails, check out the entertainment schedule at St. Croix Casino, Danbury!  A show at the casino can add to the enjoyment of your stay with us.







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