Welcome Back to Woodland Trails!

We are looking forward to welcoming guests on Friday, June 19th for the first time since February!

As we hear from Dr. Michael Osterholm and others, the virus is still with us.  Thus, we will do all we can to ensure the safety of our guests, our employees and us such as:

  • installing new, small tables in the dining room to promote social distancing,
  • making disinfectant available everywhere,
  • washing dishes only in the dishwasher with its hotter water rather than by hand,
  • wearing gloves in the kitchen and while handling dishes and silverware in the dining room,
  • carefully and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in rooms between guests. (Disinfectant wipes are in every room so that guests can make doubly sure things are clean.)
  • staying out of occupied rooms (our normal procedure was to refresh rooms in which guest were staying over by making the bed, supplying new towels, etc. Now guests are responsible for straightenig the room and making the bed.  There will be extra supplies and towels in the room with a hamper for used items.),
  • doing as much as possible in the screened porch and outdoors, including our evening wine and cheese which is so populr with guests.

After being locked up for months, we hope you will consider a getaway to Woodland Trails as your life begins to get back to normal!

John & Sandrad


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