Interesting People

Something we have learned in hosting guests at Woodland Trails is that eveyone has a story and they are all interesting.

During our nightly wine and cheese session recently two brothers mentioned bowling.  Innkeeper John asked, “Have you ever had a 300 game?”  Kent, on the left on this photo, said, “Yes, I have had 16 but my brother, Scott, has had more.”  

“Yes,” Scott said, “I’ve had 37.”

Innkeeper John followed up with a dumb question for Scott, “What goes through your mind in the 10th frame?”  Scott said, “If I have had all strikes by the eighth frame I tell myself, “With eight strikes, I have already done the hard part.  Now all I have to do is four more.”

Congratulations Kent and Scott on your combined 53 300 games.  May you have many more!


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