Grateful x 48!

One of the highest compliments any B & B, and especially a destination B & B like ours, can receive is guests who return for another visit.  We tease our returning guests by telling them that when they have been here 12 times, they become family.  Happily, our B & B Family is large and growing!

This weekend (October 19-20), he had three couples who have achieved Family status and then some!.  Together, the three couples have stayed with us 48 times!

Shown here are Marty and Katie, Blaine, 19 times, Cynthia and Jim, Rothschild WI, 16 times and Chris and Jennifer, Forest Lake, 13 times.  When Chris and Jennifer find something they like, they must stick with it because all 13 of their visits have been in the Winterberry Room!

We are grateful to these three couples and all of our other returning guests.  Thank you!

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