Grandchildren and THEN SOME!

Bonnie and Mel, Rogers, Minnesota, have a large family with 19 grandchildren. 

Mel says, “I tell people we have 19 grandchildren and they say, ‘Fun!'”  I say, “Fun!  Have you ever had 19 kids running around the house at once!?”  Actually, Mel and Bonnie love having their children and grandchildren around, especially at Christmas time when Bonnie has a cookie baking session for the girls.



19 was the most we had heard of at the B & B until Carol and John, shown here of Sioux Center, Iowa came.  They have five children with 11 grandchildren. But those grandchildren have produced 16 great-grandchildren with one more due in a couple of months!

John says, “All our children live near us in northwestern Iowa.  We try to get together once a month or so during the warm months.  Now, when it turns cold, Carol and I head to our winter home in Mission, Texas.

Getting to know guests, and hearing stories like these, are some of the great benefits of operating a B & B like Woodland Trails!

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