Omelets are Back!

Ohhhhh, what a BEAUTIFUL omelet!

Ohhhhh, what a BEAUTIFUL omelet!

Recently, guests who have stayed at Woodland Trails many times before asked, “Are you still doing omelets?”   While we hadn’t done them for a couple of years, their urging was enough to get us started again.

After seeing an omelet-making demonstration at a B&B convention several years ago, innkeepers John & Sandra started doing them occasionally during breakfast.  The omelets are a side dish for a breakfast that normally features pancakes or French toast.  John does one demonstration at the table side for the guests and then it is up to them to make their own.  For those who want to make an omelet, the experience is great fun.

With the omelet-making equipment close at hand, we’ll be offering omelets more often in the future.




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