Mushroom Adventure at Woodland Trails

Guests Izabela and Matthew, who are originally from Poland, were exploring our trails when they noticed mushrooms that reminded them of Poland.  They went to town and purchased a mushroom book to confirm their suspicion.  Yes! The mushrooms are just like those found in Poland.

a-Izabela & Matthew Pokora 08-31-14Next day, Izabela and Matthew went out and collected a bucket full of mushrooms.  The species collected were Graceful Bolete, Brown Birch Bolete and White Birch Bolete.  As they did in Poland, they will slice the mushrooms into smaller pieces, dry them and enjoy them as an addition to a variety of foods.

Says Matthew, “When people from Eastern Europe see this, they will come flooding here for the mushrooms!”

Our thanks to Izabela and Matthew for showing us another way to enjoy the land!



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