Timber Wolf No. 1!

In the years we have owned our land, we have seen Timber Wolf scat – huge and full of hairs – but have never seen a live wolf, until yesterday. 


Timber WolfSandra saw him a hundred yards away, on the edge of our woods.  As she saw him, he saw her and took off into the woods.  She described him “as big as a small pony”. 


With the 36,000 acre St. Croix State Park to the south of us and the St. Croix State Forest north of us, plus lots of the wolves’ main food source – whitetail deer — we’ve been surprised that we haven’t seen wolves before.  


This Timber Wolf is added to the list of wildlife that might be seen at Woodland Trails, a list that includes whitetail deer, squirrels, dozens of species of birds, otter in the pond and black bears.  Based on experience here and further north, such as Grand Rapids, where wolves and bear are even more plentiful, there is no danger to people who exercise a little bit on common sense in watching from a distance. 


On your next visit to Woodland Trails, you too might be able to get a glimpse of a wolf, an experience you’ll likely remember for a lifetime!

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