Breakfast – A Social Event at Woodland Trails!

Driving to Woodland Trails for their first visit, Gordy and Gwen, St. Cloud, asked themselves what it would be like to have breakfast with strangers?  What they discovered is that breakfast at Woodland Trails is an enjoyable social event.   Served at 9 a.m., guests could be finished and back to their room by 9:30 or 9:45.  What actually happens, though, is that the conversations often continue well past the dessert, course.   The typical breakfast winds up at about 11 a.m.  The record was set by one especially lively group who were still enjoying each others’ company at noon!

Some B&Bs offer only breakfast in the room, usually because they do not have a dining room large enough to accommodate guests.   At Woodland Trails, we do offer a deluxe Continental Breakfast brought to the guests’ door.  A few guests take us up on the offer on their first night but, after hearing all the chattering and laughter, join us on the second morning.

If you have never stayed at a B&B that offers a family-style breakfast, you are in for a treat at Woodland Trails.  You will discover, as Gordy and Gwen did, that breakfast at Woodland Trails is an enjoyable social event!



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