Bed & Breakfast AND Oak Firewood!

A major windstorm on July 1, 2011 took down hundreds of trees in our area.  One of the benefits of the strom is plentiful firewood.  Siren Tree Service, located in Siren, Wisconsin just 15 minutes from Woodland Trails, has moutains of oak firewood for sale.  Current prices are much better than at gas stations or anywhere in the Twin Cities.  The wood is 100% oak which is cut and split.  Three bundles are $12.  A face cord (1/3rd cord) is $55.  A full cord is $150. 

Since the wood is 100% oak, there is no concern about transporting emerald ash borer, the devastating new pest of ash trees.

For more information, and to confirm current pricing, call Siren Tree Service at 715-349-7080 and then plan to Haul a Load of Firewood Home!

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