We’re Changing!

We hope that guests who have stayed with us many times have seen at least one new thing on each visit.

We’ve just completed some remodeling that we hope everyone will enjoy.

It started when Deb and Scott were visiting.  All of the furniture was removed from the Great Room and Dining Room.  The area rugs were just about to go.

Then, in came the floor finishers.  We’ have been really lucky with the wood floor because it has stood up very well.  Nonetheless, after eight years, it was time for a touch-up.

Finally, Sandra could show off the changes:  Refinished floor in the Great Room and Dining Room; new carpet on the stairway and second floor landing; new carpet in the Winterberry Room; and, of course, re-arranged furniture.

Next time you visit, we hope you’ll approve of the changes!

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