Marriage Proposals at Woodland Trails

Matt & Kim are engaged!

One of the neat things about being innkeepers at Woodland Trails is sharing key times with guests …. honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and proposals of marriage.

This past Saturday, Matt proposed to Kim.  He was the 11th young man to proposal marriage here and, happily, all 11 young ladies have accepted!

Matt’s approach was a little different than anyone else’s in that there was a text message involved.  Later in the evening, Kim had gone to their room while Matt was still in the Great Room.  From there he sent Kim a text message saying, “Come back up here, please.”  When Kim joined him in front of the fireplace, Matt proposed!

Cory's proposal table.

Other proposals have been made in the couple’s room and out by the pond gazebo.  Several young men have arranged to have the ring hidden on the land so it could be found with one of our GPS receivers as the couple was supposedly looking for a lucky coin.  Cory, from Minnetonka, went a step further and arranged to have us set up a table at the end of one of the trails with flowers, champagne and a treasure chest containing the ring.

But, whether simple or elaborate, the proposals of marriage here at Woodland Trails have been memorable for both the couple and for us!

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