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At the Woodland Trails B&B, we know there are so many things to do in Minnesota that it is easy to become overwhelmed! We are pleased to offer assistance as you plan your vacation, whether you are interested in shopping, hiking, or the excitement of the local casinos, we can help you choose. In addition to the general information provided on our website and the Minnesota calendar of events found below, we will also help you finalize your plans upon arrival at the Inn. Be sure to check back often for the most up-to-date calendar information.

Date Event
Every Tuesday

The Seafood Buffet at Grand Casino Hinckley features snow crab and is very popular. Open from 4 to 9 p.m., we recommend getting there before 6:00 to avoid a long wait. For more information, check their Buffet web site or call 800-472-6321.

mid-August through November with the Peak in mid-September

Enjoy a Bird Watching Day Trip to Hawk Ridge – Duluth.

Hawks begin migrating past Duluth’s Hawk Ridge in mid-August and continue through November. The “Big Days”, when tens of thousands of Broad-winged Hawks fly over, generally occur from September 10-25. Of course, raptors fly over every day during the fall, except when it’s raining!

Hawkwatching, unlike most other wildlife activities, is best during the middle of the day. Generally, the raptors don’t start flying until 8 a.m. and they taper off after 4 p.m. So plan your trip during the middle of the day: between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Weather plays a huge factor in the quality of the flight. Winds from the west or northwest are best for bringing us big numbers of birds. If you come up on a day with south or east winds, expect the flight to be slower.

Binoculars are a must! At times the hawks are so far away, or are soaring so high that they are impossible to see with the naked eye. The overlook staff has binoculars to loan.

For more information check the Hawk Ridge web site.