Gift Certificates for Charity

For Past Guests Only:

Woodland Trails Matching Program
Charitable Silent Auctions and Other Events

 If you are a past guest and would like to donate a Woodland Trails gift certificate to a charity, we will match your gift up to $300 (you contribute any amount up to $300 and we match it).

You can purchase the gift certificate over the phone by calling 320-655-3901 or online by simply specifying in the comments:

  • that you are purchasing the certificate for a charity,
  • the name the charity and,
  • the date of the event at which the certificate will be auctioned off or given away.

If you would like one of our “Any Day” or “Weekday” certificates, we’ll charge you for half the value and our contribution will be the other half.  The same would be true for any dollar amount certificate you specify.

We are happy to help support your charity!

 John & Sandra O’Reilly