Geocaching is a treasure hunt using a GPS receiver.  Once the coordinates of the “cache” are entered, the receiver will tell you how far and in what direction the cache is located.

During your stay at Woodland Trails, there are three ways to enjoy Geocaching:

  1. GeocachingOn our land, we have a GPS Adventure prepared for you including a GPS receiver you can borrow and simple instructions a novice can follow.
  2. Look for public caches near Woodland Trails.  These caches are normally an ice cream bucket or other weather-proof container that holds a small log book and several inexpensive items.  In the log book you can record the date and time you were there as well as any comments you have.  It is fun to read others’ comments.  Then you can take one of the inexpensive items with you while leaving something in its place.  To look up caches near Woodland Trails, go to, enter a user name and password and the, under “Search for Nearby Caches” enter the zip code for Danbury, Wisconsin, 54830.
  3. left-bar-geoGo to St. Croix State Park where you can borrow a GPS receiver and look for caches in the park.

Past guest John Barrett has this to say about Geocaching:

“Since Amy and I were introduced to Geocaching while staying at your bed and breakfast, we have found more than 300 caches, hidden 85, won the “coveted” Minnesota GeoCache of the Month award four times, and been interviewed several times for Geocaching articles.

“Now, the Roseville Parks and Rec. Dept. has asked me to teach two Geocaching classes this summer…40 people in each of two classes…I will be mentioning your Bed and Breakfast, although I don’t know if there are really the key target audience, but your place is a part of my Geocaching background, and as such, has impacted many people who have found our caches or (after this summer) were taught by us.

“Thanks again for a wonderful stay and the introduction to a great hobby!”

John Barrett
Roseville MN

Single men will be interested in our GPS Proposal Adventure when planning to pop the question!